LED networked array[

“This community interactive wall allows our patrons to create designs in every color of the rainbow, plus the hues in-between,” stated Nancy Howe, County Librarian. “As a library system based in Silicon Valley, we strive to bring the latest technology to our libraries. Everbright promotes fun, learning and imagination, allowing our patrons to explore their creativity.”

Voler designed the modules for Hero Design that sells them to museums, large companies and other public buildings.

Raspberry Pi Controls the Networked Array

Each of the 476 lights dials has 8 LEDs and its own processor. They are all networked together with high speed differential serial communication wires and controlled by software on a Raspberry Pi. A display consisting of thousands of these units has an equivalent frame rate of more than 30 frames per second, which allows real time video, turning a wall into a full motion video screen.

Cooling was a challenge but we did some creative thermal management, including adjusting input voltages and thermal sinking the heat of the LEDs.

The system required lots of testing. Here is one test we performed:

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